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According to the Health & Safety Executive Report of 2021, the parcel and postal sector suffers the highest incident rate of musculoskeletal injuries against any other sector. That’s quite a statistic...Couple this with the most common injury in the workplace being from lifting, carrying and handling and it becomes even clearer that a sound understanding of how important it is for a workforce involved in such activities on a daily basis, be trained in how to do so in such a fashion as to minimize such an injury. 

With our focus on the delivery driver, we can provide such a course that can be attended remotely by the attendee from the comfort of their own home. The course covers handling techniques and maneuvers, the transference of weight when handling loads and overall best practice for carrying, lifting, and moving heavy items. Enlisting your drivers into this course will safeguard your workforce from injury that could interrupt the smooth flow of the business, add unnecessary expense, and bring about additional strain to the operation - running a courier business is stressful enough, right?


Oh, just in case you missed it - HMRC recognises training as a tax-deductible can reduce your tax bill by the purchase of this course - and reduce the risk of disruption to your ain’t that a fine thing?

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Manual Handling in the Workplace Couriers Depot and Virtual College
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