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Wheels for the world  and Couriers Depot

Our Greatest Achievement to date - Our Charity Partnership with Wheels for the World

Aside from the challenges that setting up any business presents itself with - website design, content, developing strategic partnerships, choosing product and a host of other aspects both big and small, there was one thing that was of the utmost importance to us - finding a charity partner.

Given that couriering is an intensely physical job, we were keen to find a charity that enabled mobility to those that had been affected by whatever circumstances. In ‘Wheels for the World’ we found an organisation that was laser focused in providing the life changing gift that a wheelchair is to those living in the developing countries of East Africa (that we should even still have the term ‘developing country’ in 2024 is itself a travesty). Through their dedicated work, literally thousands have had their dignity, self esteem, standing in their community and of course their mobility, restored. has plans beyond just funding this charity (the cost of sending just one shipping container is £3000) - we will be travelling out with them to the regions that they support at the earliest opportunity. Whilst there, we will film the work of the charity, interview where possible those that have received the gift of mobility through the charity. 

Tim Wood, CEO of Wheels for the World, who will tell you in his own words about the work that they do:

We’re changing lives with ‘Wheels for the World’ 

80 million people across the world need a wheelchair to help their mobility (World Health Organisation) but can’t afford it. Wheels for the World is a life-changing project that provides the gift of a wheelchair to people in developing countries who can’t walk. Couriers Depot donates profits to help even more physically disabled people receive the gift of mobility and freedom. Lives are transformed as, for the first time, individuals can get to school, start a job, meet friends, be part of their community and pursue their dreams.

The ‘Wheels’ project – part of UK registered charity, Through the Roof – saves old wheelchairs from landfill, restores them to nearly-new standard and ships them to partners in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. A team of medical professionals volunteer their time on a trip to assess and custom-fit each wheelchair to the disabled client. Client care is a top priority and each fitting can take over two hours, as the team responds to needs and often gives additional training and advice, and refers them for further medical help locally.

Wheels for the World helps people like Emmanuel who is 11. He lives in the remote highlands outside Elburgon, Kenya. When his mother realised that Emmanuel was born disabled, she left home, so his grandmother had to care for him. The wet floor of the mud hut was all he had to sleep on. Now with a personally-fitted wheelchair he can sleep off the ground and has the potential to attend school at the bottom of the hill where he lives. 

As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Couriers Depot and partners are delivering finances and support to Wheels for the World to change the lives of people like Emmanuel. Come and join us on this transformational journey.

Through the Roof Charitable Trust Ltd. is a UK Registered Company number 04201510 with offices at Alpha House, Alpha Place, Garth Road, Morden SM4 4TQ. It is also a Registered Charity Number 1087788.

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